In December 2018, I did a Wim Hof workshop to learn how to use his breathing techniques to generate internal heat, mental focus and strength. The capstone was a 5 minute ice bath.

I got through the whole day’s exercises feeling strong… So good that I offered to go last, as an act of service—which meant I stood in the snow in nothing but shorts, for an extra 40 mins, while all the others went in. Finally, it was my turn…

Push Peaks

It was 12 weeks ago. I started trail running. I started a journey that’s led to hundreds of hours on the trail and three fold that in the mind—thinking of the beauty of the day’s run: the people and teachings, the translations of larger meanings. Morning wisdom sessions. Lessons in life so real you can pinch the skin.
Time spent preparing for a race on visualization and putting up positive thoughts for myself and the rest of the field of runners.