Tribute to Roger

This song was recorded during a mediatation focused on Roger right around the time he was unplugged from life support, and I felt his presence so strongly. 

Goosebumps, white lights, energy all around. I’m sure he was with many people at that moment… Another moment I won’t forget. I hope you can feel his presence in this too.


Someone I met 3 weeks ago had a big impact on me. He passed away last night. I met him in France, and he was a master…

With what little common words we knew between us, he taught me so much—through the kindness in his eyes, how he held his own space with grace and strength, and his light was so bright, all you had to do was observe. Many times, I saw him from across the room and thought… I hope I can be like Roger one day.

You’ll never know the impact you made on me, Roger. Or probably, you know exactly what you did. Thank you for your gifts.

See Roger here:

IG @therapeute_coach


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  1. Giulia

    March 29, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    So beautiful ! Thanks Justin to keep his presence with us through your music


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