Fear challenge: Warriors

Fear challenge: What I’ve noticed…

Practicing it consciously, consistently changes the relationship with fear. It has made me get really familiar with it. Like, i know what it feels like, looks like, what it’s going to do, how it holds me back, and i can put it in a little compartment when it comes up, and give it a little name and have it come sit on the couch with me. And tell it to leave when i want.

Sometimes it bites back but at least i can predict it and be ready for it and just get stronger and quicker with defending against it.

But fear has it’s purpose. Fear keeps us safe. Being courageous is not being reckless.

Fear can be your friend who

holds you accountable,

calls you on your shit,

plays devils advocate.

But most the time fear lies.

we realize.

Fear betrays.

It falsely portrays

Yourself at your weakest

It whispers sweet negative nothings in your ears

during nightmares

A warrior uses fear like excitement, adrenal rushes pulsing strength through the body, coursing…………..



in the wings of war,

a warm wind whips

a warrior.

Behind his long black hair

he stares…

Surveys the obscene scene he sees

Before him

His tribe

flanks his sides.

One heart, beating—


the moment,

they fight for their families,

their purpose, their honor.

Stakes high, confidence,



Hell bent on beating back

the waves of attacks,

the steady stream

of struggle.

A heavy pounding heart

Energetic slashing eyes

Bright wide-open mind

And teeth as wide as he can smile…. These warriors look fear in the face

and take its strength—

Fuel for a fire.


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